Rachel Wortis
condensed matter theory

Graduate studies

Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome and thank you for your interest.  I am actively seeking graduate students. 

I supervise students primarily in the Materials Science graduate program, and I am also a member of the Applied Modelling & Quantitative Methods program and the Trent-Queen's program.

I encourage you to review the information available here, and to contact me with questions (email is usually a good place to start).

Past graduates

Donovan Allum 2019

Thesis:  "A cluster approach applied to the one-dimensional Anderson-Hubbard model"

Eamonn Campbell 2017

Thesis:  "Real-space renormalization group approach to the Anderson model"

Jayanayana Perera 2015

Thesis:  "Correlating density of states features with localization strength in disordered interacting systems"

Lister Mulindwa 2012

Thesis:  "Zero-bias anomalies in the atomic limit of the extended Anderson-Hubbard model"

Ting Lu 2009

Thesis:  "Study of the vortex state in high temperature superconductors using NMR T_2 relaxation"